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Changing the way you shop... forever!
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Super-Couponing will change the way you shop... forever!

It combines the best techniques for following sales with using newspaper and internet coupons to their fullest advantage.

It's easy! It's fun! And it saves you BIG money!

Consumer coupon expert Jill Cataldo will teach your group or organization how to effectively use coupons to buy groceries for pennies on the dollar.

Sound too good to be true? It isn't! And anyone can do it.

You'll learn:

  • Secrets of the couponing pros
  • The number one mistake most couponers make
  • What products you'll never have to pay for again
  • Which stores allow coupon "stacking" for bigger savings
  • Why the Internet has made couponing easier than ever
  • How to get the store to "pay you" to shop

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Super-Couponing 2: Saving on Everything!

If you enjoyed Super-Couponing, you'll love Super-Couponing 2: Saving on Everything! This workshop features advanced couponing techniques designed to save you even more money.

You'll learn to combine multiple discounts, store promotions and coupons to maximize your grocery savings. Coupon Queen Jill Cataldo will also teach you how to apply Super-Couponing principles to clothing, toys, housewares and many other items, saving up to 90% off regular prices.


As many of the techniques taught in Super-Couponing 2 build on what's taught in Super-Couponing, it is highly recommended that patrons attend Super-Couponing prior to attending the Super-Couponing 2 class. Additionally, it is recommended that organizations offer a Super-Couponing class first prior to booking Super-Couponing 2.

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