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I love hearing success stories from Super-Couponers! Their cards, notes and emails have made me realize how I, one person, have been able to help so many. Here's a sampling of their stories, in their own words. By Jill Cataldo

What People Are Saying...

"After walking out of credit counseling and being told that the only solution left was to allow our house to be foreclosed on, I was ready to give up. I had no hope, no options left, no resources. I had even joined groups about being frugal and saving money to no avail. Then later that same week I got an email from one of the groups recommending going to Jill’s Super-Couponing class. I had my doubts.

"I got there early, went in, sat up front and waited as Jill started to do her presentation. An hour went by with me feverishly writing notes about all the different things and ways she saved money, the resources she used and the math behind the deals. And I was amazed. I walked out with my head spinning and I was dizzy. But most remarkably of all I was hopeful. I had been given an answer on how to help my family and make ends meet. I was almost afraid to believe it; it seemed too good to be true.

"So, I went home and educated myself for the next week, and when I went shopping the next time that I had money, I saved. I saved and I saved and I saved some more. I bought cheese and cereal and peanut butter and bread and soup and I still had money left after stockpiling for my family of 7. I couldn’t believe it the first time I did it – I stood in the middle of [the supermarket] at 11 PM fighting back tears when I realized what I had done. I proved that I didn’t have to lose my house to survive or starve my family to keep it. Super-Couponing class is the ultimate Consumer Education!" - Nicole E.


"I was a casual coupon user until I took Super-Couponing. I used to clip my coupons, go to the store that week, and buy what I thought I needed. Little did I know that if I had waited a few weeks, I would have likely gotten that same item for almost nothing.

"When you leave Super-Couponing, you are no longer a casual couponer. Jill taught me a whole new way to use coupons to my advantage. I used to think saving 35 cents to $1.00 on an item was a big deal, until I went to Super-Couponing. Now I pay very little for my groceries for a family of 6. Before Super-Couponing, I used to spend about $250 a week after coupons. Now I spend around $45. No kidding, no joke." - Pam R.


"Our family just started Super-Couponing this fall. We have completely changed our shopping and eating experience. We went from spending $250 a week to more like $100/week (even with 3 in diapers!) We now eat a much greater variety of foods.

"Our former $250/week was what we thought was bottom of the barrel -- Wal-Mart/Aldi shopping, only generics, a lot of cooking from scratch, minimal fresh produce... now we have bacon-wrapped filet, fresh produce every week, Kraft cheese, and lots of foods on Jill's deals that we thought were just too fancy to spend "extra" on! ... We benefit so much from Jill's insights (and research!) - Jeanne E.


"Thank you so much for being willing to share your experience with so many people... I have learned so much and saved hundreds... During the holidays last year, we had six extra people to feed for a month and we spent $2500. This year I spent $300 extra than our normal food budget. You inspire me to find lots of ways to save money for my family." - Ashburn family


"Fantastic, fast moving, very informative presentation. Covered a lot of bases. I picked up a quite a few pointers I'd previously had no clue about. I will definitely be devoting a little more time putting together the deals... her enthusiasm in sharing her knowledge was obvious. Literally blew my mind with the opportunities that exist. In this recession, I don't have many places to rob Peter and pay Paul. Definitely worth setting aside an hour of your day. You gain enough info to pursue huge savings!" - C. Dolrskolr


"I just wanted to say thank you' for sharing this amazing program you have developed. I am a coupon clipper / user and your presentation showed me how much more I could be saving. I was really blown away, and I can't wait to get the Sunday paper tomorrow, so that I can really start applying some of the great tips you provided. I am especially excited to start having store pay me to take things home instead of me paying them." - K. Bianco


"I just want to express my gratitude for what you’re doing. A month ago, I was depressed about being broke, and now I’m excited about saving money. Seriously, I made my car payment from the money I saved... I am totally sincere in saying that I had much more fun at your class than at my best friend's wedding last month!" - C.Pohl


"Thank you so much for being willing to share your experience with so many people... I have learned so much and saved hundreds... During the holidays.. last year, we had six extra people to feed for a month and we spent $2500. This year I spent $300 extra than our normal food budget. You inspire me to find lots of ways to save money for my family." - Ashburn family


"We were little coupon users and were excited about 4-5 dollars of coupons savings. Right now our heads our spinning and we want to go shopping. We now see it's necessary to have a plan before we head shopping anywhere... Your excitement is contagious! With the economy currently the way it is, this could help anyone make a huge difference! Thank you so much!" - Lisa S.


For less than the cost of a fast-food dinner for your family, you too could change the way you shop... forever!

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Since 2008, over 38,000 people have learned to Super-Coupon
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When Jill Cataldo brought her Super-Couponing© workshop to South Carolina, the 2500-seat venue sold out in nine days, shattering all attendance records! People lined up over four hours prior to the event.

The workshop was jointly sponsored by The Post and Courier, which syndicates Jill's weekly newspaper column, "Super-Couponing Tips," and Piggly Wiggly supermarkets. Both did a masterful job of promoting the event, with television commercials running on two major networks, in-store Catalina coupon promotion for the event, and advertisements in both the newspaper and Piggly Wiggly's weekly grocery circulars.

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