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What You'll Learn With Super-Couponing

You've seen television shows with people carrying gigantic coupons binders who spend 30 to 40 hours each week chasing sales and coupons. And you're interested in saving money, but you don't want the extreme lifestyle that seems to go along with that... right?

Great news! Most coupons shoppers aren't doing things "to the extreme," and they're cutting their grocery bills by half or better with simple, easy techniques that anyone can learn. In about an hour, you can lean to save like the pros -- with only a small time committment each week. If you have 30 minutes to spare, you can Super-Coupon-- and you'll be amazed at how much money you can save!


Super-Couponing DVD coupon workshop - a coupon class on DVD!In Super-Couponing, you'll learn:

  • Secrets of the couponing pros
  • The number one mistake most couponers make
  • What products are consistently free with coupons
  • How to "stack" coupons for bigger savings
  • Why the Internet has made couponing easier
  • How to get the store to "pay you" to shop!

Super-Couponing 2: Saving on Everything!  DVD coupon workshop - an advanced coupon class on DVD!In Super-Couponing 2: Saving on Everything! you'll learn:

  • How to “Think Like a Couponer”
  • Multi-Stacking: Combining multiple deals
  • The year-long grocery cycle
  • The best month to buy clothing
  • Not-to-be-missed seasonal bargains
  • Coupon tips for clearance & online shopping

Since 2008, tens of thousands of people have learned how to slash their grocery bills with Super-Couponing®. Super-Couponing® has been featured on Nightline, Inside Edition, ABC World News and Fox News. Learn to coupon from the industry's premier consumer coupon expert, Jill Cataldo!

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